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Welcome to a new resource for extreme programmers developing for the JavaTM platform. We intend this site to be a single place you can go for news, information, resources, and links relating to eXtreme Programming (XP) as applied to JavaTM development, in particular development for the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM).

Many of us developing enterprise software solutions today must do so in an environment where chaotically changing requirements are the norm and business demands compress schedules from months to weeks. As if agility and rapid time-to-market were not enough, our end users and business partners also expect very high degrees of system quality, reliability, and availability, and our managers expect it all to be accomplished using less development resources.

We believe that the synergy created by combining the eXtreme Programming process with the technical blueprints (metaphor), implementations, and tools of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) architecture offers today’s developers incredible opportunities to be successful in this difficult environment.

Our goal is to help you take advantage of these opportunities.

News & Events

    XP Agile Universe Conference, August 4-7, 2002)
  • Mark your calendar: XP Agile Universe will be held in Chicago IL August 4-7, 2002.
    The conference will offer high-quality tutorials, workshops, paper presentations, panels of discussion, and open space gathering on Agile Methodologies -- SCRUM, the Adaptive Software Process, Feature Driven Development, the Crystal series, Win-Win Spiral and, of course, XP.
    Featured speakers will include: Kent Beck, Barry Boehm, Alistair Cockburn, Martin Fowler, Richard P. Gabriel, Watts S. Humphrey, Ron Jeffries, Robert C. Martin, and Dave West.
    Register now at http://www.xpuniverse.com or http://www.agileuniverse.com.
    Our very own Paul Hodgetts has this tutorial scheduled for August 4!

  • Stay tuned for more news. We want to add notices of new tools releases here so you can keep track of them in one place.


  • eXtreme eXperience of a B2B Start Up - Paper submitted to Extreme Programming Perspectives reporting metrics gathered from comparing two similar non-XP and XP projects. (26K - PDF format) (54K - zipped MS Word format)
  • JavaOneSM BOF - eXtreme eXperience of a B2B Start Up - Slide show of Escrow.com’s BOF presentation at JavaOneSM (246K - zipped MS PowerPoint format)
  • We don’t have a whole lot of original material yet, but if you have something you’d like us to put up for you, let us know.


Extreme Programming (XP) Links:

  • Object Mentor – Home of the fantastic XP Immersion class, and some of very best XP consultants around.
  • XProgramming – Ron Jeffries’ site covering all aspects of XP.
  • Martin Fowler – Martin Fowler’s site covering lots of things, including XP, refactoring, and patterns.
  • Extreme Programming – Don Wells’ site covering all aspects of XP.
  • William Wake – William Wake's site, including all the excellent XPlorations essays.
  • Industrial Logic – These folks have some interesting XP games, and offer XP consulting.
  • XP FAQ – John Brewer's eXtreme Programming Frequently Asked Questions.
  • XP Wiki Pages – A huge collection of hyperlinked pages covering a wide range of XP and related topics.
  • Pair Programming – The home of pair programming, an essential XP practice.

Agile Development Links:

XP with JavaTM Links:

  • JUnit – The home of JUnit, the defacto standard unit testing tool for JavaTM.
  • Ant – The home of Jakarta Ant, a great make-like tool for JavaTM projects.
  • AspectJ – The home of Aspect J, a JavaTM tool for implementing Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), which shows promise as a paradigm to modularize difficult-to-factor cross-cutting duplication.

Mailing Lists Related to Agile Development:

  • Yahoo Groups Mailing Lists – There is a huge amount of excellent ongoing agile discussions in Yahoo's Groups. Follow these links to subscribe to Yahoo Groups' lists. You need to register with Yahoo Groups, which is free, but make sure you edit your preferences to turn off all the spam options.
    • agile-testing - discusses how to test software in projects that are using an Agile style of development
    • agilealliance - discussion group for the Agile Alliance
    • agilearticles - group that focuses on gathering articles related to agile methods and practices
    • agilepatterns - discussion of Allan Shalloway's Agile Patterns method
    • emergentdesign - discussion of evolutionary and incremental approaches to software development, which result in emergent design and architecture
    • extreme-java - discusses Extreme Programming with Java
    • extremeanalysis - discusses issues with analysis in an Extreme Programming/agile environment
    • extremeprogramming - the definitive Extreme Programming discussion list, a must read
    • jsunit - discussion of JsUnit, a JavaScript testing framework
    • junit - discussion of JUnit, the Java unit testing framework
    • junitperf - discussion of JUnitPerf, a collection of JUnit test decorators for measuring performance and scalability
    • pragprog - discussion for Pragmatic Programmers
    • refactoring - discussions about refactoring, including tools associated with refactoring
    • scrumdevelopment - discussion of the Scrum method
    • testdrivendevelopment - discusses the theory and practice of test-driven development
    • threeriversinstitute - discussions around Kent Beck's Three Rivers Institute
    • usage-centered - discusses Constantine and Lockwood's Usage-Centered Design (UCD)
    • xp-jobs - clearing house for Extreme Programming related jobs
    • xptesting - discusses Extreme Programming testing
    • xpusergroups - discusses issues with forming and running Extreme Programming user groups
    • xpsocal - the So. California Extreme Programming User's Group (which we moderate)
  • Agile Modeling Mailing Lists – Follow this link on the Agile Modeling site to subscribe to the Agile Modeling list.

JavaTM Links:

  • Stay tuned for more links. We want to include links to all the great tools out there, as well as to the key JavaTM sites and other agile methods.

Contact Us Here – Comments, questions, suggestions, requests, and gripes are all appreciated.

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